Adult Hockey

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The Greater Indianapolis Adult Hockey Leagues (GIAHL)is designed to provide a safe and sportsmanlike  environment in which hockey players of all abilities can enjoy the competition and camaraderie of organized  hockey. The Greater Indianapolis Adult Hockey Leagues (GIAHL) is based upon respect for ones opponent, the  officials, and the game. A cooperative effort between the league, its players, its teams and its officials is  essential in creating an atmosphere conducive to fair play and the well being of all participants. By offering  multiple levels of competition the league provides an appropriate venue for every adult player and/or team.

We offer the following levels of league play


SILVER / GOLD “A” - High level of Competition

INTERMEDIATE “B Tier I” - Medium level of Competition

"Plays at Arctic Zone From Sept Thru March and Carmel Ice Skadium April Thru August"

INTERMEDIATE “B Tier II” - Medium level of Competition

BRONZE “C”- Low level of Competition

NOVICE “D” Recreational



$10 per person, must be 18 or older to play

Check the calendar for specific dates and times